Trick dog titles: Daisy 

NTD:  Novice Trick Dog
ITD: Intermediate Trick Dog 
ATD: Advanced Trick Dog 
ETD: Expert Trick Dog 

To do : TDCH ( Trick dog Champion ) 
To do : TDI ( Trick dog instructor ) 

* Absolute Dogs Canine First Aid Certified 2019

Certification :
* PRO DOG Trainer Certified 

* Nicole Wilde

* Emily Larlham - Kikopup 

* Kay Laurance - Shaping cue course

* John Rogerson: Advanced behavior counselling

* Walks & Wags:
Pet 1st Aid Certified 2012-2017

* BAT training seminar with Grisha Stewart - Behavior adjustment training 
* ABTA CDT. Sandy started training with Animal Behavior and Training Associate in 2003. Teaching Group puppy and Basic obedience. As well as Behavior problem solving clinics every week. Sandy Is proud to have worked with so many wonderful people and animals through the years.

* ABCCMT - Animal Behavior college Sandy is a Certified Mentor trainer with ABC College and is proud to be   a part of such a wonderful organization.

* CGC -  Canine Good Citizen Certified. Achieving
   CGC status for her own pets.

* CDG - Certified Dog Groomer. Sandy started grooming rescue animals over 15 years ago.

* Behavior courses on line and in person attendance. CAPPDT, IAABC. Multiple.*
*Master of aggression course 
A study in dog behavior including reactivity and fear and reactivity 

* Animal Sciences H.   

Current studies:
* Pro Dog Training course - Concept training through games - Completed 
* Trick dog instructor course - to start 2019 / 2020 depending on chemo treatments 
*Trick Dog Champion (TDCH)  in progress 
* Science based - Dog training with feeling 3 day seminar
* fun dog training to creating art with your dog
* Reliability and games 2 day dog training workshop
* Dr Ian Dunbars SERIUS (R) dog trainer academy 4 day workshop
* Dog training - stop barking - Easy dog training methods
* Crucial concepts in dog behavior and training
* Upgrade pet first Aid - Completed 2019



     ABOUT US             

I started Wildsands Petcare because I've spent my whole life learning about a variety of pets and working with animals since I was 8. It is my passion and "drive" to help in any way I can build strong bonds between people and pets. I have 3 dogs, 4 cats, 2 Chinchillas and a Rabbit. All Rescued.   

I have trained and fostered over 1000 animals with clients, rescue & foster animals including dogs, cats, domestic and exotic birds, rabbits, chinchillas, Sugar gliders and other small animals.

 A huge part of my life was spent with my uncle at his wildlife reserve. I am forever grateful for his wisdom, guidance and love of all things.

At Wildsands, I use my training skills to work with the dogs on a daily basis. We play games , fun agility, obstacle courses, mazes, puzzles and more! Your furry friend will be both mentally and physically happy when they leave Wildsands!

Most important, I love each one like family. It is not only important to build a strong connection with the pets but with the people as well.