Training & Continuing Education :

* Trick Dog Champion - 2020 - Daisy - SCN, SIN, SEN. - NTD, ITD, ATD, ETD, TDCH  
* Novice & Intermediate Trick dog - 2020 - Baloo NTD, ITD 
* 7 day training challenge for Barking lunging and reactivity - Certified Continued Education 
* Duke University - Dog Emotion and Cognition Certification - Continued Education 2020
* University of Edinburgh - Animal Behavior and Welfare - Certificate - Continued Education 2020
* 25 day training challenge - Absolute dogs - STAS Certificate - 2020
Absolute Dogs Canine First Aid Certified 2019 - (Upgrading)
*   PRO DOG Trainer Certified - Canine cognition and transformation through  relationship games based training 
*   Nicole Wilde - Ways to deal with Separation anxiety and Aggression 
*   Emily Larlham - Kikopup - Building blocks to advanced training and companionship
*   Kay Laurance - Shaping cue course certification
*  John Rogerson: Advanced behavior counselling certification
*  Walks & WagsPet 1st Aid Certified 2012-2017
*   BAT training seminar with Grisha Stewart - Behavior adjustment training certification 
 * ABTA CDT. Sandy started training with Animal Behavior and Training Associate in 2003. Teaching Group puppy and Basic obedience. As well as Behavior problem solving clinics every week. Sandy Is proud to have worked with so many wonderful people and animals through the years.
* ABCCMT - Animal Behavior college. Sandy is a Certified Mentor trainer with ABC College and is proud to be  a part of such a wonderful organization.
* CGC -  Canine Good Citizen Certified for dog Anubis.
* CDG - Certified Dog Groomer. Sandy started grooming rescue animals over 15 years ago. ( I do not do public grooming sorry ) 
*Sandy continues to pursue Behavior courses on line and in person. 
 *Master of aggression course - Diploma 
  A study in dog behavior including reactivity, fear and aggression.
  A study in dog behavior including reactivity, fear and aggression.
  A study in dog behavior including reactivity, fear and aggression.
 * Animal Sciences - With honors    2000
Current / future studies:

* Trick dog instructor course -

* Science based - Dog training with feeling 3 day seminar 
* Reliability and games 2 day dog training workshop
* Dr Ian Dunbars SERIUS (R) dog trainer academy 4 day workshop
* Dog training - stop barking - Easy dog training methods
* Crucial concepts in dog behavior and training